The Watkins…a young couple with a preteen daughter wanted to create a living space that more fit their personality. They had lived with decor that came with their town home for many years. They were open to getting rid of everything except for a couple of art pieces that were near and dear to them and of course their flat screen tv. The goal ultimately became to take a dark, dreary room and make it more light and inviting. We accomplished this first by removing the late 1980’s boarder and brightening the walls with a soft beige paint color. We also replaced the old, dingy carpet with a light oak bamboo flooring.

Decluttering the space and adding clean lines made their home have a more 21st century feel. We added shelving to allow them to still display their precious family photos thereby avoiding additional wall clutter while adding depth and dimension to their dining area. The lighter  couch and chairs are comfortable and perfect for this family who enjoy spending time together in the evening while watching television. The throw pillow colors were pulled from the artwork they treasured.  Monica Allen Interiors is credited with making their house more appealing to sell very shortly after the redecorating.