Babies are precious and their rooms should be too. This room was near and dear to my heart because it was designed for our daughter Imana. We wanted to create a room that was as unique as we knew her personality would be. Though, we desired to utilize pink, we did not want the room to be overwhelmingly pink and childish. We wanted her to have something she could grow into.

This room was initially my office and since we did not want to  incur the expense of repainting the room, I opted to work with the charcoal gray walls which I loved. We did however commission a  muralist to create whimsical, pink clouds complemented by a handcrafted  fleur-de-lis that highlights the traditional, crystal chandelier.  I wanted her to look up and see a beautiful sky of pink when she woke up each day.

My goal was to combine whimsy and traditional elements into one cohesive unit that also exuded sophistication. I purchased the fabric and designed the baby bumper, crib skirt, basket inserts, throw pillow, and valance.  Repurposing my office desk to become Imana’s bookshelf that would eventually house her extensive library was a great way to save.  I envision her in the future using this area as a place to do homework in her room. The swivel rocker adds the touch of whimsy that was needed to break up the fleur-de-lis pattern repeated throughout the room.  I was extremely happy with the end result and we think Imana felt right at home the day we brought her from the hospital.