From Beige to Bold

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From Beige to Bold

What is your favorite color?   Would you paint a room in your home this color?  Maybe you already have and if so, I commend you. But many of us are afraid of color.  We shy away from that bold, passionate red that can liven up a dining or family room.  We clam up when we consider painting our bathroom that watery blue that could calm our tired souls from a stressful day.  And we’d rather quickly hit the ground running, in the opposite direction than paint our bedroom a sultry, romantic, sweet dark chocolate.

Paint is the cheapest and simplest way to add that WOW factor to your home.  Color is your friend, and I am going to share with you how to go from Beige to Bold.

The first step to incorporating color into your space is to decide the purpose of the space and what mood or personality you would like it to portray. Colors have character and personality.  For example, red injects passion and energy and signifies power.  Blues are considered to be cool, light and calming.  Some blues even signify cleanliness and spirituality.  Yellow exudes sunshine, happiness and knowledge.   Richer, more orange-like yellows can represent maturity and fall.  Greens combine the spirituality of blue and the emotional warmth of yellow.  Even neutral tones such as taupe, sand, and off white, have their own personalities of being harmonious, comforting, and calming.

Now of course when it comes to paint colors, there are many shades of green, red, blue, yellow, brown, taupe from which to choose. So step two in moving from Beige to Bold is to make a trip to your nearby home improvement center such as Lowe’s or Home Depot or a specialty paint store such as Duron or Sherwin Williams.  At any of these places you can select from an abundance of colors.  So let’s say you have decided that you want to paint your kitchen green.  Once at Home Depot’s paint department you want to pick up swatches of green colors that you are drawn too.  These swatches are free and you can take as many like.  Pick green’s from each manufacture of paint in the store.  Even pick up swatches that have several shades of green on one card…even if you only like one of them.

Next, you want to take these swatches home. Look at the color swatches under the light in your space.  They will look different from inside the store.  Select 3 to 5 that you like the most.  For those colors you like that came on a card with many shades of that color, cut out the color you like so only that color remains.  Take a small piece of scotch tape or painter’s tape and place it on the back of the each swatch you have selected.  Place these colors on your wall.  Do not place them close together.  Place them at least 8 -12 inches apart.

Now from here you take your time.  You want to go in and out of the space as usual taking a look at the colors as you do so.  Look at the colors at different times of day.  You will begin to gravitate towards 1 or 2 that you like the most.  Take the others off the wall.  If you are down to one, then you are ready to head back to the home improvement store.  If you are down to two…look at the colors more closely are they very different.  If so, ask yourself what do you like more about one over the other.  Is one to dark? To light?  Perhaps, they are really not that different at all and if that is the case, simply put them in a hat and pick one. Now, head back to the store with your favorite swatch. In most cases you will find the paint specialist in the store you have selected very helpful.  They can help you determine the best sheen for your project and the amount of paint needed.

Lastly, once you have your paint in hand hire a painter or do it yourself whichever you feel most comfortable with.  You will probably not like the color at first especially if you are going from stark eggshell or white walls.   But give it time.  Get excited about adding new accessories to go along with your new wall color.

In summary, going from beige to bold can be a big step, but remember by matching your color’s personality to your space, utilizing the free paint swatches at your home improvement store, and taking your time to look at them on your wall, you will end up with a room that makes your friends and family say WOW when they walk into your newly transformed space.