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It’s absolutely amazing how life happens. I looked down and looked up again and suddenly noticed that I have been so busy working on projects and being a mom that I have not posted a blog entry to my website since 2013…a little over 4 years ago. It makes me wonder, where does the time go. We have lived in our current home now for 12 years. Again, where did the time go? I have had lots of fun having a son in 2014 and trying to give him the coolest room possible. We had an extremely talented muralist create the artwork for his wall. Taking an old cherry wood armoire, we painted it black and added heavyweight silver knobs. This made a great changing station giving us space to keep diapers, wipes and more. 


My daughter, Imana’s room went through just a slight transformation as she has grown up from baby to toddler and now to 1st grader. One thing I love about decorating for a baby is the challenge to give them a space that they can grow into; thus, not requiring an entire room makeover as they grow and mature. A kids room should have space for play, of course sleep, and plenty of room for their growing library. Click here to see photos of Imana’s baby room. 

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I recently had the joy of working with newlyweds. This can be both challenging and fun because it is my job to hear both parties and take into account each of their styles, tastes, and design preferences. Most couples will try to do it on their own, but a third party can help resolve conflicts and help find a middle ground for both people. As a designer, it is important to me that a home feels like it belongs to both individuals and reflects them as a cohesive unit. The Goodman’s are in the process of settling into their new home and implementing many of my design recommendations. Here is just a seek peak of their dining room direction.

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I have been having a lot of fun this past 4 years. I am going to work on sharing it more via my blog because my family and interior design is truly my life and I am loving every minute of it!